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Writing by the Water

The Full Story

Behind the Author

I'm an author with a passion for storytelling, which basically means I get to pour my heart and soul onto a page and then sit back and anxiously wait for people to either love it or tell me it's garbage (there's no in-between, really!)

I've always been a bit of a daydreamer and a lover of stories, so becoming an author was kind of inevitable. I mean, what could be better than spending hours alone with your thoughts, agonising over every word, and then panicking about how it'll be received by people you've never even met?


But despite the constant existential dread, I have to admit - I do love what I do. There's something magical about bringing a fictional world to life and creating characters that readers connect with (or loathe, depending on the story).

With a varied career background that includes working in the beauty industry, running/owning an agricultural business and management in the hospitality sector, amongst many other things, you can imagine, I've met a lot of characters along the way. Through these diverse experiences I've learned a lot about the world and the people in it, and those lessons underpin much of my writing in unique and enriching ways.


One thing I am fortunate to have as a writer is that I experience synesthesia. Have you ever heard of synesthesia? It's a pretty cool and unusual neurological condition where your senses ‘cross over’. So, for example, you might see colours when you hear music, or taste words when you speak them. Your brain creates unexpected connections between things that most people keep separate. It’s a fascinating aspect of my life that has influenced my writing style and approach. I find it a really beautiful and colourful way to experience the world!


Beyond my writing, I have a deep love for animals, the tranquillity of the sea, and the beauty of rural landscapes. I find inspiration in nature and all creatures great and small.


Ultimately, my goal as a writer is to create stories that entertain, inspire, and resonate with readers. I strive to create vivid and evocative scenes that transport readers to another place and time. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, and I'm excited to continue exploring my own storytelling abilities. Thanks for visiting my page - I hope you'll check out my work and connect with me on this exciting journey!

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