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The Vacuum Cleaner Allergic To Dust

A fun-to-read-aloud rhyming story about Vinny Vac, a vacuum cleaner allergic to dust! Follow loveable Vinny in this humorous and heartwarming tale, as he and a kind friend carry out his master plan to fix his problem. By working together they prove: It’s ok to ask for help and friendship can overcome obstacles. 


Your entire family will love this whimsical, giggle-inducing book. The vivid and imaginative illustrations will keep children laughing and adults smiling from start to finish and the story will keep everyone captivated until the very end.


This must-have children’s picture book is a perfect bedtime read for ages 3-7 years and is sure to become a beloved addition to your nighttime story routine. BUT it’s great fun, for all ages, at any time of day!

The Barefoot Indian

Looking for a career change? How about becoming a Messiah/Messiahress? That's right, the demand for people seeking the meaning of life is higher than ever, and this exciting opportunity is open to anyone - no previous experience necessary!


Our charming and witty character is the successful applicant and is assigned The Barefoot Indian, the ultimate life-coach, as a guide and mentor. Along her journey she comes to find true beauty, learns how to manifest, gets to grips with healing and realises limitations are self-imposed


A fresh, sensitive, inspiring modern-day fable with plenty of humour and intuition along the way. This spiritual fiction book, in the same style as Richard Bach's 'Illusions' or 'Jonathan Livingstone Seagull,' will leave you feeling uplifted and enlightened. So what are you waiting for? 

The Barefoot Indian Book Cover
Miracles Are Made of This

Ready for a truly miraculous read? Our charming and witty central character has discovered the secret ingredient to making miracles happen: wisdom. And the best part? It was within her all along! But she didn't get there alone. Along the way, she was guided by wise people and underwent transformative training that helped unlock her innate wisdom. Now, she's on a mission to pay it forward.


In "Miracles Are Made of This," she sets out to help others find their own inner wisdom. But don't worry, there are no difficult mountain-top retreats or mystical journeys involved. Instead, our heroine’s teachings fit seamlessly into the everyday lives of those she meets. Because, as she knows, the most extraordinary can happen in the midst of the ordinary. Join our delightful protagonist on her next phase of self-discovery as she helps others uncover their own miraculous potential. It is a life-affirming, humorous journey that you won't want to miss!

Miracles Are Made Of This Book Cover

Recommended Reading Order

  1. The Barefoot Indian

  2. Miracles Are Made of This

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