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The Invisible Process of Writing: Why Creative Writing Happens in Your Head and Not on the Page

Writing is a magical process that can occur anywhere at any time. Sometimes, ideas come to us while we're walking, talking, or even sleeping. But, the true art of writing is mostly done in the head, long before anything is ever written down.

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The Creative Process

When great writers are working on a story or an article, they spend a significant amount of time thinking about what they want to say. This time is spent pondering the characters, plot, setting, and language. Careful thought is given to each detail, and the ideas are stuck in their minds like gum on a shoe.

This prewriting process is essential because it gives the writing substance and depth. The author can take the time to contemplate the story's overall theme, the imagery they want to use, and what they want the reader to feel while reading the piece.

Only a small part of the writing process is spent physically writing the story down. Once the ideas have been formulated and sorted, only then is it time for the author to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard.

While writing, the author has the chance to refine the ideas just as a painter adds detail to a masterpiece. With each word, the story is fleshed out, and the author's vision comes to life.

It is during the creative process that the author's voice comes shining through. The written work becomes a true reflection of their thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Finally, once the story is complete, the author flicks off the switch, leaving the pondered ideas behind. They might sit for a while, even for days before returning to the story like a sculptor adding final touches to a piece before allowing it be fully appreciated by others.

The art of writing is not something that can be rushed. It requires reflection and deliberation, forming an idea that will create an emotional connection with the reader. Only when the idea is focused enough is then that the writing can flow effortlessly.

Whether you're writing a novel, an essay, or a short story, the key is to allow your thoughts to simmer and dance in your mind long before they are ever written down. Then, let the pen or keyboard capture the magic that has been brewing, and watch your writing soar to new heights.


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