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  What Others Say

Rose Elliot MBE
Author, Columnist

The Barefoot Indian by Julia Heywood is Bridget Jones meets Illusions and The Alchemist. Fresh and gripping, accessible and entertaining.

Dr Sandra Gaskin
Spirit Works, USA

Julia Heywood is a storyteller extraordinaire. The Barefoot Indian is right up there with Illusions by Richard Bach

Barbara Venn-Lever
Radio Presenter

The Barefoot Indian is in the rankings of The Celestine Prophecy. Miss this and you'll have no idea what others are talking about

She Unlimited Magazine

The Barefoot Indian is a touching and life changing read. It's an easy and essential read for all ages.

Francesca Cassini
Changing Life Magazine

The Barefoot Indian is A modern day fable, Julia Heywood takes us into the realms of magical thinking

Sunday Star Times
New Zealand

Heywood delivers a powerful visionary parable that ranks alongside the likes of Richard Bach’s Illusions for its readability and impact

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